Kathelene Williams-Turk DDS,

Comprehensive Dentistry - Harmonizing Function, Esthetics and Lifestyle

377 1st Street Solvang, California 93463
Phone: (805) 688-9821

A unique, personalized approach to your overall dental needs for optimal long-term results

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"Comprehensive dentistry looks at the whole person, not just a tooth in trouble, because oral health is linked to overall health. During my two-year post-graduate training, I developed a unique approach to treating patients. Unlike "patchwork" dentistry, simply repairing decayed and broken teeth, my focus is diagnosing and treating the cause of dental problems – not just symptoms. Combined with advanced technology, this approach provides a better long-term solution for my patients, which is also more cost effective."
Dr. Kathelene provides a wide range of services, which are personalized for each patient, including:

Esthetic Dentistry
• Bonding
• Aesthetic Crowns & Bridges
• Aesthetic (tooth-colored) Fillings
• Veneers
• Whitening
• Glass ionomer fillings for children and geriatric patients

Dental Implants
• SMILE Technique (aesthetic) Dental Implant Restorations
• Implant-Supported Bridges
• Implant-Supported Dentures and Partials
• Single tooth implant restoration

Preventive Treatment
• Cleanings (Prophylaxis, Root Planing and Scaling) and Periodic Exams
• Periodontal Soft Tissue Management
• Sealants
• Nightguards
• Anti cavity Program

Other Procedures
• Extractions
• Full and Partial Dentures
• Treatment planning of complex cases

*We use state of the art equipment including digital xrays, virtual impressions for crowns and bridges, "Peripro" (a periodontal self contained ultrasonic unit), statim sterilizer and Caesy patient computer education