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What Patients Say About Dr. Kathelene

  • ~ Katie Karas Santa Ynez, CA

    "I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the dental implant that replaced my bridge. The process was completely painless and was so beautifully done you would never know it wasn't my natural teeth. For something that will last me for the next 30 years or more, I believe it was well worth what I paid. Thank you for enlightening me. I would never have considered it an option without your suggestion. I love having a smile that looks like it did when I was 17"

  • ~ Michael A. Dunn M.F.T.-Los Olivos

    "I have a tricky bite and have seen a number of dentists over the years. By far, the most professional I have found is Dr. Kathelene Williams-Turk. What I appreciate is her thoroughness, her explanations of procedures and the cheery atmosphere she and her staff provide. I'm so grateful for her tips on simple things I can do at home to prevent problems down the road. As a psychotherapist, Kathelene and I have discussed dental concerns such as phobias and I can attest that she approaches these issues with great knowledge and sensitivity. Great professional, great team and a great office. "

  • ~ Mary Harris Santa Ynez, CA

    "Dr. Kathelene has provided excellent care and very thoughtful consultation for my dental needs. Her staff and office setting provide a restful and positive experience. Dental needs change over time and she has helped me ease into the next phase graciously and well."

  • ~ Burt Walker, Santa Ynez

    "Dr. Williams-Turk has been my dentist since October 1998. When I first appeared at her office, my mouth was a dental disaster. Since that time, my mouth has undergone a complete turnaround with her expert work and guidance. Through the years she has guided me through dental implants and regular dental care that has given me a sense of control that I haven't experienced in many years. There is no way to adequately express my experience other than to say it's good! Very good!"

  • ~ Dr. Jarmo Tarkki Solvang, CA

    "I feel exceptionally fortunate to have found Dr. Kathelene Williams-Turk. I have lived in different countries, in many states in the U.S. and regularly been to a dentist where ever I lived. It was not until I had a comprehensive exam and evaluation by Dr. Kathelene that I really understood the importance of looking at the whole picture and not just a tooth.

    I love my smile, but the most important benefit of my treatment is the security I feel because some serious issues were identified and treated. I am secure in the knowledge that I have a much better chance of keeping my teeth as I grow older. I am also aware that if the issues were not addressed, it would have been a lot more expensive for me down the road.

    The office is peaceful and comfortable, the treatment was gentle and I am SMILING!

  • ~ Inge Plier, Santa Ynez

    "In 1999, I came to Dr. Williams-Turk with a mouthful of problems. She took models, pictures, and x-rays and developed a treatment plan. During these 10+ years I had braces and a full mouth restoration which even included an implant. Had it not been for the expert care and recommendations by Dr. Williams-Turk, I would have lost several teeth due to old leaking crowns that had not previously been detected. She is up to date on the latest technology with equipment to match. When entering her office, one is treated with such a caring attitude and creature comfort, that even the most apprehensive patient will feel relaxed. Thank you, Doctor, for giving me and preserving a beautiful smile!"


  • ~ Jill Brady Santa Ynez Valley, CA

    "Upon moving to the Santa Ynez Valley and visiting Dr. Willaims-Turk for routine dental care, it became obvious that 20 year old dental work had fractured teeth over time, among other problems. Dr. Kathelene devised a comprehensive plan to restore my mouth to a healthy condition. Over the course of the next year and a half, this ambitious plan was carried out involving numerous implants and the procedures necessary to prepare for them. Upon completion, I have more beautiful teeth than nature intended and a healthy mouth. Dr. W-T consults and coordinates work with the finest associates needed to provide root canals, microsurgery and crowns. I was always confident that I was receiving the best care possible. I highly recommend Dr. Kathelene."

  • ~ Carol Johnson Solvang, CA

    "In the four years during which I have been in the care of Dr. Williams-Turk my teeth and gums have undergone an amazing transformation - all for the good. I have had numerous procedures all of which were directed at improving my oral health and personal appearance. I am grateful to the Doctor for the expertise and skill that is necessary to accomplish this task. Normally one doesn't think of being in the dentist's chair as a pleasant experience, but Dr. Williams-Turk and her competent staff make each visit as comfortable and pain free as possible. I know that I am receiving the best possible dental care amid attractive and friendly surroundings. It was my good fortune to choose this office."

  • ~ Ha Ngo, Carpenteria, CA

    "About six years ago I asked my friend who was a dental technician who I should go to for dental treatment. I told him that I was missing teeth and needed some implants. He told me to go to Kathelene Williams-Turk in the Santa Ynez Valley and that she was excellent at planning cases like mine. Since I lived in Carpenteria, I thought it was too far to drive and instead had some implants placed in the back areas and had general treatment done. I was not happy with the result. I had shopped around for a good price, but realized too late that I had made a mistake. I waited for a year or two and asked my dental technician friend again who I should go to. Again, he said to go to Dr. Kathelene Williams-Turk. This time I made an appointment with her. I am so happy I did. It was worth every mile. Kathelene was very flexible and worked with me to minimize my visits, but most important was the quality of care that I received. I had a complicated case which I complicated more by having prior poorly done treatment. I wanted to keep as many teeth that I could, I wanted to chew any kind of food and I wanted a great smile. Wow, I got it all!!!
    My treatment was painless, very professional and personalized. I am now able to eat whatever food I want, hard French bread and crunchy vegetables are a pleasure to eat. Dr. Williams-Turk planned the treatment, sent me to the best specialist for implants and performed all of the dental work. I should have listened to my friend in the beginning. My husband now goes to her and agrees with me that she is the best!"

  • ~ Jolyn Strauss Solvang, CA

    "I am sitting at my table looking out the door at the beautiful sunshine and counting the many blessings the Lord has given me.
    Among those blessings is the privilege of knowing you and all the kindness you have shown me. During the time you were working on my teeth, you were considerate of me, you were gentle and I had very little pain. You wanted to be sure everything was the best it could be and you were not satisfied until everything was perfect, the teeth fit properly and I looked the best I could be. You took time to explain the procedures and what the options of treatment were available to me. Your relationships with other dentists and lab personnel were done in a very professional manner.
    All my friends tell me my teeth and face look better than before I had the implants.
    Many thanks for your help and advice. I look forward to a continuing relationship in the years to come. Best wishes for your success.
    Jolyn Strauss

  • ~ Beatriz Soriano Buellton, CA

    "I love my teeth I had no pain and feel wonderful with my smile. I can eat anything! She was so gentle! The blankets, warm pillow and music helped me a lot."