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What Other Doctors Say About Dr. Kathelene

  • ~ Jack A. Sturm, DMD - Endodontist: Root canal specialist utilizing the microscope and high resolution, low radiation ct scanning.

    "When trying to select a dentist to address your oral health care needs, there are many factors which one must consider. Educational training is paramount, both at the dental school from which the dentist matriculated, and through continuing education courses, which allow a dentist to stay current with the ever evolving and expanding field of dentistry. Passions for perfectionism in ones work, as well as a genuine level of caring for each and every patient, are attributes of the dedicated practitioner. It is my pleasure to work with Dr. Williams-Turk, because she exhibits all of the qualities I feel are necessary to excel as a dentist. Her patients trust her implicitly; with her skills and competence being at the highest level. As an endodontist, I am referred patients from many general dentists; therefore I am exposed to a wide variety of dental skills. I feel fortunate to have Dr. Williams-Turk as a referral of mine, as I know that once my work is completed, an excellent final restoration, which is imperative to the success of any root canal, will always be fabricated in the hands of Dr. Williams-Turk."

  • ~ Barbara J. Greene, COM
    Certified Orofacial Myologist
    41 years private practice in Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks, CA and via the Internet

    "I met Kathelene Williams-Turk, DDS many years ago when she sponsored a study club for woman working in dentistry at her home. Then and now, she represents the learner's quest for knowledge, the desire to be the most skillful practitioner possible, the ability to combine everything learned into a comprehensive dental program for her patients as well as stimulating those she comes in contact with. Kathelene has referred her orofacial myofunctional (tongue thrust) patients to me for several years. Because of her passion, patients are willing to commute to Santa Barbara to see me or I also see them via the Internet. I appreciate that she is a forward thinker and reaches for what is "right" for each patient, not what is "traditional" treatment mentality. This can present a challenge to patients who just want to be "fixed". Fortunately, Kathelene has the skills necessary to help them see the "bigger" and, often times, more "holistic" picture for their ultimate well-being. I wish I could spend more time in her presence because it is always exciting and fun."

  • ~ Eric M. Wallace, DDS - Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

    "I have had the distinct pleasure of providing oral and maxillofacial surgery care for Dr. Williams Turk's patients for 6 years. I am always impressed by how well informed her patients are about their specific dental and oral surgery needs. This is clearly a reflection of the extra time that Dr. Williams-Turk spends with her patients. Dr. Williams-Turk understands that not everyone is comfortable in the dental chair. Her ability to work with patients on their specific fears and phobias is what truly sets her apart from many of the other referring dentists that work with me.  It is this talent that enables her to practice minimally invasive yet comprehensive dentistry with even the most challenging cases."

  • ~ Dennis A. Shanelec, DDS - Periodontal Microsurgery & Esthetic Implants.

    "I am very happy to take this opportunity to say a few words about my colleague and friend, Dr. Kathelene Williams-Turk. I have known Kathelene for over ten years and I have worked with her professionally on hundreds of patients. She is an outstanding dentist who always keeps as her primary goal the best interest of her patients. Kathelene is exceptionally talented in all areas of restorative dentistry including esthetic, implants and family dentistry. I am always impressed with her diagnostic assessments and the time she spends in developing a comprehensive dental treatment plan. She chooses the best dental laboratory, the best dental materials and best dental staff to help her reach her goals. Kathelene is a compassionate and intelligent dentist who pursues a vision of personal and professional excellence."

  • ~ Dr. William Hang, DDS Orthodontic Practice in Westlake

    "I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Williams-Turk for a number of years and am impressed by her desire to do the right thing for every patient every time. She understands the importance of not decreasing tongue space for any patient and thereby insists on orthodontic treatment which does not involve removal of permanent teeth or any treatment which retracts the front teeth.  She fully understands the implications of such treatment on TMJ health and possible Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I enjoy working with professionals like Dr. Williams-Turk who share my belief that good oral health, including good facial balance, is at the center of systemic health. She gets it."

  • ~ Dr. Adriana McGregor, microsurgical periodontist and implant surgeon.

    "Dr Williams-Turk is a superb clinician with a complete understanding of her patients' needs and desires, along with an uncanny finesse and attention to detail that has produced some of the most satisfactory outcomes I have witnessed in Dentistry. It is a delight for me to have the opportunity to work with her."

  • ~ Tom Bormes

    "As the CEO of a small hi tech dental specialty company who is privileged to teach at the post graduate level at 24 Dental Schools I have the ability and background to judge dentistry. Dr Kathlelene Williams-Turk provides the highest quality of dental care in the Santa Ynez Valley. She uniquely evaluates the entire patient and their dental needs versus traditional evaluation on an individual tooth. After a complete and thorough examination Dr. Williams-Turk provides a complete treatment plan. Dr.Williams-Turk has the knowledge and skills to complete treatment from the most basic to the most complex and is ready to refer to specialists if it improves the overall dental health of the patient. Dr. Williams-Turk is my dentist by choice and I would recommend her to anyone looking for complete competent dental care."